Forget the fans, again!

     It appears as though we fans have been forgotten, again.  Yes, we’ve known about it since last fall, but with the Twins moving their radio network flagship station from WCCO (830AM) to KSTP (1500AM) those of us in Wisconsin (and there are quite a few of us) are left high and dry.  No longer can we follow the play-by-play of John Gordon while we travel in our cars without purchasing satellite radio. 
     In Minnesota, it’s not too bad of a problem because there are many Twins Radio Network affiliates. In Wisconsin, however, there is only one and it’s a weak station out of New Richmond.  In the past, WCCO (being a clear channel 50,000 watt station) could be received at any time of day or night.  KSTP, however, is required to reduce power at sundown.  Since most Twins games are at night, this is a problem.  The nighttime signal of KSTP cannot be received by an average car radio even in Menomonie, WI (only about 50 miles away). 
     The only solutions appear to be to purchase expensive satellite radio, become a Brewers fan, or boycott baseball altoghther due to its complete disregard for the common fan.  None of those ideas seem like good ideas to me.  I do not understand why there are so few Twins stations in western Wisconsin.  I can’t believe that there aren’t stations that  would be interested (there are Viking stations). 


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    I agree. Whoever signed a contract with a substandard transmitting lisence should be calling every fan with updates every 5 minutes. What a dork! You’d think a multi-million business would care what their clients get out of it.

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