Petition–It’s the American Way

Fellow fans,
     I posted the blog entry "Forget the Fans" on the Twins chat site and had some interesting responses.  Thanks for the support to those who responded.  One responder,   royalofbengal, responded by saying "…May be you should gather few fans and call few radio stations and letthem know that a majority of twins fans resides also in western
     Now that’s a GREAT idea!  What could be more American than circulating and submitting a petition in an attempt to get "America’s Game" put on the airwaves which, according to the FCC, belong to the people. 
     Therefore, below is the petition which I plan to submit to as many western Wisconsin radio stations that I can find as well as the Twins organization.  If you feel moved to become part of this petition, simply reply by clicking on "comments" where you can add your comments.  It would be especially helpful for Wisconsin fans to enter their community.

To Whom it May Concern,
Western Wisconsin Twins fan are quite disappointed that it has become so much more difficult to follow their favorite baseball team.  The change of Twins Radio Network flagships from WCCO to KSTP has made it virtually impossible to listen to the Twins over the air in western Wisconsin.  We feel like we have been left out.  Gameday Audio and satellite radio are not acceptable alternatives as they do not allow most people to be able to listen through their typical household radios and/or car radios like they could in the "good old days."  We feel that this is a case of technology actually being a step backwards.




    This is BAD! We live in Altoona and won’t be able to hear games on the radio. Pat Reusse (KSTP) assured listeners there would be lots of affiliates & we’d be able to get the Twins games anywhere in the region. Well, not if you live in western Wisconsin 😦


    Like I predicted before KSTP got the contract, fans would be lost because of a switch from WCCO. Whatever the excuses are from KSTP, the results are the same: Less listeners= loss of fan support= less $. If no moves are made to add affliates in w WI, that tells us we make no difference! The change showed a lack of knowledge & planning. The more complaints KSTP/ Twins receive the better. Take some time to write them. I want ‘CCO back.


    I live in Duluth. CAN get radio if I’m home. I travel for sales, thru the UP and central Wisc. I subscribe to DishNetwork/FSN North, but get stiffed 25 days a month due to bogus FCC rules and MLB screwing with my rights to get an online broadcast.

    Thanks a lot, MLB. Quit giving these overpaid gomers more than a million a year and give the game back to the airwaves….I’m already paying for access, let me hear it if I can’t see it.


    The switch to KSTP has not just left Western Wisconsin fans high and dry.

    I have lived most of entire life in the Twin Cities northern, except for a few years in Duluth, and never missed a game when WCCO aired them. Bt ever since the switch to KSTP whether I am in my car or at Home (Elk River) the reception is almost non-existent and the alternative station (I think it is in St. Cloud) isn’t any better.

    Come Twins put some pressure on KSTP to make the games avilable for everyone not just in twon, but as your new slogan says “All Around Town”. I vote for going back to good old ‘CCO.

    Jerry In Elk River

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