Reply from KSTP

     I had sent a copy of "Forget the Fans" to KSTP radio and the following is their response from Angie Ludwig:

Thank you
for the email you might want to try 105.9 fm out of Red Wing as well
and here’s what our program director has to say:

AM1500 KSTP is one of two 50,000-watt radio stations in the Twin Cities,
which is the maximum power allowed by the Federal Communications Commission.

While KSTP transmits at this maximum power at all times, we are required to
reconfigure our signal’s pattern at night, so certain areas to the
east-southeast of the Twin Cities may have reception problems after sunset. The
Twins Radio Network has added affiliate stations. See a map of the Twins Radio
Network stations on-line at and click on "Schedule."


Listeners to AM stations, even ones with powerful signals like KSTP, can have
problems at times inside buildings or near things that produce electrical
interference (some desktop PCs, power equipment, florescent lighting fixtures,

We are strictly prohibited from streaming Twins games on our web site. Major
League Baseball has licensed exclusive agreements for alternative listening
methods through online listening ( or satellite radio.
Yes, there is a subscription fee for these services, but they are an

Lastly, "Good luck!"

FANS NOTE:  I tried 105.9 and it didn’t come in.  I live between Eau Claire and Menomonie and my radio couldn’t even tell there was a station at that spot on the dial.



  1. John

    That ain’t right – I live in the east metro (Woodbury) and just took for granted I could tune them in this summer on 1500 KSTP, but with that “some areas east of the Twins Cities” bit I may be out of luck … arg!

    Good luck – I bought the MLB Audio package last year and it is a nice option, but not if you’re in the garage/driving/mowing the lawn/etc.


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