About rickstwins

I’ve been a Twins fan from Wisconsin since
the mid 1960s. Paying $1.50 to sit in the left-field stands
at the Old Met with some of my high school buddies became a
way of life. Being from western Wisconsin, I don’t get up to
the dome as often as I’d like, but I’ve always followed the
Twins as closely as possible. I am one of those wierd
hibreds, both a Twins fan and a Packers fan (I hope not too
many of you hold that against me, at least I’m half right and
we won’t get into which half). I spend much of the summer in
the Hayward, WI area fishing and camping. It’s pretty heavy
Brewers country so keeping up with my Twins is difficult, but
I manage. I raised my sons as Twins fans, my younger
step-daughter is a Twins fan, and I’m working on my


BASEBALL, football, camping, fishing, live
theater (but nothing’s better than the drama of